Books! (Plural!)

A friend of mine posted this photo on Facebook this week–my two books, newly purchased, together side by side.

books together

I admit, it’s been a bit of a low key book release. I moved just weeks before release day and was a little overwhelmed getting kids settled into new schools and finding the routine and rhythm of our new home. Then, all of a sudden, there was a box of books in my kitchen and release day came and went and my second book was officially born–sent out into the world to be read and (hopefully) enjoyed by others. But it didn’t really hit home, I think, until I saw this photo. This is the one that made me all sappy and happy.

I’m not sure I could ever actually quantify all the heart and energy and love that goes into the writing of a book. It’s an emotional experience, a taxing experience, an experience that often makes you want to bang your head against the wall or scream from the rooftops or worst of all, chuck your laptop off the side of a mountain. That’s not to say it’s always cupcakes and roses after publication. Marketing is hard, and bad reviews are hard, and the sheer vulnerability that comes with knowing your words are out there for anyone and their cousin to read? It can be hard too. If I think about it too much, it still freaks me out a little.

You know what though? It only takes one person saying “Hey, I really loved this” for it to all feel worth it. I know I can’t speak for all authors. I’m only me, and I may feel differently than many. But you want to know why I do this? Mostly because it just feels really good to write things that make other people happy. Even if it’s a temporary happiness that only lasts for the four or so hours it takes to read the book. If I can do that? Give someone four hours of happiness? I’m totally willing to endure the trials that accompany getting there. (Also, writing is the only thing that tames the voices in my head. Sometimes they talk like I’m not even in the room. Rude, right? They won’t shut up till their stories are written, so, you know, what’s a girl gonna do? I don’t know though. This might be a conversation we should save for another blog post. You think? Yes? Okay, me too.)

And here is where I say THANK YOU, because really truly, I feel so fortunate that I get to do something that I love so much and share it with others. It is an honor and a privilege and it makes me happy and I so hope it makes you happy too. That’s all.

The House at Rose Creek

So, this is really happening, guys. My editor assures me unless the printing press burns to the ground between now and this summer, we are ON SCHEDULE. That means my lovely little first born book will be released in July. I received the cover art today. (And also the final proofs which I have to look over this week. While simultaneously attending a writing conference on the other side of the country. I find myself actually grateful I have a four hour plane ride.)

So, first, the cover isn’t what I expected. (But in a good way. It’s better, see? I’m about to tell you why.) Because the title of the book is The House at Rose Creek, I kinda sorta thought the cover would include a picture of uh, a HOUSE. The house is a really huge part of the story, so it seemed like it would fit. Thing is, I know exactly what the actual house at Rose Creek looks like. I can see it, in my head, and realize now that if a house cover didn’t match up with the house in my head? It’s quite possible I would be disappointed. And that wouldn’t be fun.

So now, I’m totally one hundred percent NOT disappointed because this cover? It fits. It’s perfect. It makes me happy. I can’t wait to share this book with the world.

So enough blabbing already. HERE is the cover, as well as a not so official (and not very polished) blurb about the book. (I wrote it this afternoon for the website, while Ivy asked for Apple Juice, Lucy practiced “Reverently, Quietly” on the piano for the four thousandth time so she can play the prelude music in primary on Sunday, and Jack sat on my feet and threw rubber blocks at my head. So. It only got about five minutes of attention before I put my mother hat back on and went to calm the chaos. I’m still blabbing, aren’t I. Yes? Yes.)

ImageKate Sinclair wasn’t planning on inheriting her family’s 100-year-old farmhouse. She wasn’t even planning on going back to Rose Creek. But when her aunt unexpectedly passes away, leaving her the house, she finds herself forced to confront her past, including the family she hasn’t spoken to in years. 

When she finds a journal belonging to a distant ancestor in the attic of the old house, she begins a journey that reconnects her with her faith, her family, and herself. 

But trouble looms. Kate’s new love interest, Andrew, has a past full of secrets. And the state department of transportation wants to bulldoze the old farmhouse for a highway project. Will Kate be able to see through Andrew’s past? Most importantly, will she find a way to save her house and hold onto the fragile threads that tie her to her family?

So. Here we go. I hope you’ll read it come July!