Greetings! It’s 2015.

I guess technically it’s nearly 2016. I’m not sure where the time has gone. All I know is that every morning I’m dropping my oldest son off at the high school wondering how on earth I ever got here, old enough to have a kid that’s taller than me and only a few years away from being a grown up. I just had a friend tell me having a high schooler doesn’t make me old. It just means I’m in the prime of life. No one told me the prime of life would make me so tired!


Having writer friends is the very best part of attending a writing conference.

So let’s talk writing news, shall we? Last spring I attended the 2015 LDStorymakers Conference where I served as Vice-chair of the conference and worked my tail off. It was, as always, an incredibly rewarding and satisfying experience. I’ve taken the reins as Chair of the 2016 conference which means I’m STILL working my tail off, but also? I’m having so much fun. I love this conference and all the people that attend and feel so, so fortunate that I get to be involved.

We just launched a brand new beautiful website. Would you like to see?

LDStorymakers Conference

Registration opens December 9th if you’re interested in attending. If you aren’t interested in attending, but have any aspiration to be a writer? You should be interested. It’s the best conference ever. Amen.

In book writing news, my publisher just picked up my next manuscript, a lovely romantic comedy called Love at First Note. It’s musical and fun and I’m so excited for everyone to read it. We’re slated for a March release which feels like it’s just around the corner. Care for a little teaser?

Concert violinist Emma Hill has left her high profile career as concertmaster of one of the nation’s premiere symphonies and moved home to Asheville, North Carolina. For a single Mormon girl? Pretty much dating suicide. Of course, Emma has her reasons. But a singles group spanning five hours, ten counties and 13 different wards and it still has less than ten people? Yeah. 

But then Elliott Hart, a pianist famous for crazy YouTube videos and contemporary mash-ups moves in next door. He’s Mormon, at least he’s got that going for him, but Emma is convinced he’s nothing but a giant ego that clearly plays the wrong kind of music. 

Of course, Emma and Elliott have more in common than they first realize. Their connection through music (and kissing) is intense, but dating someone famous brings challenges Emma doesn’t expect.Will sizzling chemistry and a little bit of Rhapsody in Blue be enough to keep her hanging on?

Sounds fun, right? Hopefully I’ll have a cover to share soon!

Book Progress (a title!) and Other Details of Life

Would you like to know something completely baffling? All right. It might not be baffling to you, but it has my husband scratching his head and asking, “Who are you and what have you done with my real wife?”

I think I’m turning into a morning person. See, I had this deadline. And it was really important that I meet this deadline. Revisions were due back to my editor (because the book! It’s happening!) which was a little complicated because it was also Spring Break. And I have six children. I tried staying up late to get the work done, but ended up doing a lot of tired, blank staring at the computer screen. This was only a little devastating  because that used to be the only time I ever got any writing done. And then, one morning, at 5:22, I got up to take care of Jack and then realized I was WIDE awake. So I sat down and worked for two hours before any kids woke up.

Guys, I know it might sound ridiculous. But it was truly miraculous. I got so much work done! Twice as much as I ever do working at night. And so I’ve been setting my alarm clock, waking up at 5:30, and enjoying two blissful hours of peace before any child even stirs. Never in a million years did I ever think I would say that I looked forward to 5:30 in the morning. But it’s magical, people.

(Combine this new early waking with the fact that I have stopped drinking Cherry Coke? It’s like I hardly recognize myself at all.)

So the book has a title! (That sort of feels much more exciting than my morning routine. Maybe I should have mentioned that first? I’ll just go add it to the title so you know the news is coming…)

Drum roll, please… The House at Rose Creek

I’m excited. Are you excited? My people over at Covenant have decided to market the book as a romance, though it was determined to be borderline women’s literature because of the other stuff going on. Thing is, there IS a romance, and it plays a pretty big role so… I think romance is the right place for it to be.  And so do they. Which is why I really like the title because it alludes to all the other stuff that is going on. Like the century old farmhouse that plays quite a significant role.

So what happens now? Revisions are done (thank you, 5:30 in the morning) and now the book is working it’s way through copy editing and typesetting, and proofreading. I expect cover design will also happen sometime in the not so distant future.


See that big kid up there on the left? Yeah. Makes me feel old.

On the home front, we’re gearing up for a big month of birthdays. In April, Jack will be 1, Ivy will be 3, Henry will be 6, I will be 32 (I seriously have to keep doing the math… 1981? And now it’s 2013? Right. That’s 32. Right?) and then a week later in May, Jordan will be 12. 12!! At least once everyday, I look at him and wonder how that giant person could actually be my offspring.

So yes. Life is busy and the book is moving along and I love waking up early. What about you? Do you have a magical time of day?