Mountains Between Us

Mountains Between Us_COVER1 (1)

Inspirational Fiction

High School English teacher Henry Jacobson is trying to piece together life after a painful divorce and a move into the mountains of North Carolina. He moved to be closer to his 7-year-old son, AJ, but his new job at Rockbridge Academy, a secluded rehabilitative boarding school, feels far outside his comfort zone and Henry wonders what it will take to feel like a good teacher again. When he figures it out, maybe he can apply the same principle to fatherhood.

As he struggles to find his footing, the last thing Henry wants is a new relationship. When Eliza Redding, a new counselor at Rockbridge moves into town, he is certain she is everything he doesn’t need.

Despite his hesitation, Eliza and Henry slowly build a friendship. Henry learns to appreciate Eliza’s boldness, but he’s still uncertain. When her urging cascades him into a reunion with a biological father he’s never known, Henry blames Eliza. Life without her was simple, predictable, safe. Safe . . . and completely miserable.

Henry’s journey to understanding his past might be just the thing he needs to help him make sense of his future.

(2014 Covenant Communications)