Love Unexpected

A famous boss. A secret identity. And a hilarious road trip to love.

Yes. Yes, I do have a crush on Isaac, my YouTube-famous boss.

Do I ever talk to him? Absolutely not. Crippling social anxiety can do that.

But I’m nothing if not tenacious. Since straight up talking to him is way too hard, I’ve devised a plan.

Online, I have social skills I’d never dream of having in person. I’m possibly even cool. When Isaac responds to my anonymous DM, I message him right back but keep my identity a secret. If he can get to know me this way first, maybe he’ll overlook how awkward I am in person.

Which is why this work-related, spontaneous road trip I suddenly find myself on is so complicated.

Me, Isaac, and a camera guy in a seventy’s era VW hatchback for eleven hundred miles? Oh, sure. I’ll be totally chill.

Because here’s the kicker. Isaac thinks we’re going to meet HER. The online mystery woman he’s been texting.

Yeah. I know.

She . . . is totally . . . me.

If I’m lucky, my secret identity might be the thing that brings us together. But let’s be real. It’ll probably be the thing that tears us apart.

Love Unexpected is a secret identity, celebrity road trip romcom, with closed-door kisses, witty banter, and a cast of secondary characters you’ll love. Books in the Some Kind of Love series are connected but can be read in any order.

(2021 Four Petal Press)

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