Love in Bloom

Hating Cameron Hunter shouldn’t be this easy.

I’m basically a golden retriever puppy. I love everyone and want everyone to love me.

Except when it comes to Cameron Hunter. He is the singular exception to my love-everyone rule, and the hatred goes both ways; it only fuels our rivalry as fellow walking tour guides in historic downtown Charleston.

When we’re both up for a magazine feature that could boost our bookings, our rivalry turns into a heated competition. I can’t help feeling like I’m in over my head. Cameron is a walking Wikipedia and his tours stay booked weeks in advance.

Plus, he’s one of those guys, the kind that looks like he belongs on the cover of Yacht Club Weekly. He could charm his way into the feature with his smile alone.

When we unexpectedly kiss (it’s a loooong story), things get really complicated.

Now, my blood is boiling over Cameron for an entirely different reason. Only one of us can win. Can I trust a man who used to be my enemy, or is everything—even our relationship—just part of his plan to take me down?

Love In Bloom is a standalone novel in a connected series—an enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy with characters you’ll love and tons of sizzling chemistry. Books in the Some Kind of Love series are swoony closed-door romances with passionate kisses only. Books can be read in any order.

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