Editing Services


What I Offer: Editing services specializing in Romance, including, but not limited to, the following sub-genres: Historical/Regency, Contemporary, Inspirational, and Young Adult.

*Do you write a different genre? I also have experience editing Women’s Fiction, Inspirational Nonfiction, Speculative Fiction, Middle Grade, and Mystery/Suspense. Occasionally, I come across projects that feel too far outside my wheelhouse. If this happens to be your book, I promise I’ll tell you before taking the job. In most cases, I’ll even know another editor better suited and will happily refer you. 

Read below to schedule your FREE 1000 word sample edit.

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Plot Consultation/Brainstorming: $35/hour

Almost as much as I love to write, I love to talk plot. Where is your story trying to go? How can you get it there more effectively? Why aren’t your characters cooperating? How can you fix the giant plot hole in the middle? If you’re feeling stumped, I’m ready to help! From characterization to conflict, sometimes a great brainstorming session is all you need to get back on track.

*Plot chats are billed by the hour, with a 1 hour minimum charge.

Simple Story Edit: $150 

(Content Only) A simple story edit includes a full read of a manuscript, 40k-90k words in length*, with general feedback provided. Does the plot work? Do characters feel authentic? Is the conflict realistic? Feedback will be given in document form (no line edits), is generally several pages long, and will include a 30 min. phone consultation (if desired) to discuss strengths and weaknesses of the project and/or brainstorm next steps and solutions to problems within the manuscript.

A simple story edit is perfect for those looking for general feedback on whether or not their story is headed in the right direction as well as guidance regarding the strength and overall likelihood of future publication.

*If your project is less or more than 40k-90k, please contact me with the details of your project for a personalized quote.

Complex Edit: $225-$450

$225 20-45k words
$325 45-70k words
$390 70-90k words
$450 90-120k words

(Content and Line) A complex edit includes all of the attention to story that a simple story edit offers, plus in-text line edits that highlight strengths and weaknesses, and make concrete suggestions on how to strengthen and improve your writing. Line editing includes sentence-specific feedback on flow and readability; for this reason, complex edits are best for those projects beyond the first draft stage, as it doesn’t make sense to polish up sentences you might end up rewriting. The Complex edit includes light copy editing, but should not be considered a final edit or proofread. In addition to a 30 min. phone consultation (if desired), complex edits include two additional follow-up communications via email for questions and/or brainstorming.

Deep Line and Copy Edit: $60/10k words 

(Deep Line and Copy) A deep line and copy edit is best for polished manuscripts that are ready for a final pre-publishing edit, with a focus on sentence flow, grammar, spelling, formatting, typos, and style consistency. Deep line and copy edits DO NOT address story/content issues, so this edit is best for authors that feel confident in their story and just want to focus on tightening up their words and catching errors in preparation for publication. At this level of edit, a style sheet may be purchased for an additional $25 charge.

Proofreading: $30/10k words

Proofreading consists of a final once over to catch missing words, misspelled words, or missing or incorrect punctuation. It does not include formatting or style issues. If, while proofreading, I find that your manuscript needs copy editing that has not been done, you will be charged the higher copy editing fee.

To inquire and/or schedule services, please fill out the form below. For interested parties, I will provide a sample edit of up to 1000 words free of charge to help you decide if I am the right editor for your work. Not sure what level of edit is right for you? Ask for a sample edit, and I’ll make a recommendation based on the sample (and the answers to a few additional questions). If interested in a sample edit prior to booking services, please indicate when filling out the form.

Editing Services require a 25% deposit at the time of booking. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your edit, the deposit is nonrefundable, however, I am happy to hold your funds and apply them to an edit booked for a later date. Should I need to cancel an edit, or am unable to complete an edit for any reason, at my discretion, your deposit is 100% refundable. Billing and payments are handled through Paypal.

(On a tight deadline? Ask about the availability of expedited editing for an additional fee.) 

“I highly recommend Jenny Proctor’s editorial service to anyone who is struggling with their story or has the desire to make it better. I hired Jenny to help with my novel, and I wasn’t disappointed. She sent detailed, instructive, and encouraging notes to me in a timely manner. I was floored by how much she understood my characters and what my story needed. During our phone consultation, she opened my eyes to how to make my characters richer and deeper. She celebrated my story’s strengths while giving me concrete ideas on how to take my novel to a completely new level. With a clear understanding of what my novel needs, I am more excited to write now than I have been in years, thanks to Jenny’s care and insight and talent. Money well spent. Well worth it! Thank you, Jenny!”

–Michelle W.