More About Me

AFTER A RECENT MOVE to Charleston, SC I’m learning to love the beach as much as I love the North Carolina mountains where I grew up. It’s a little hotter here in the lowcountry, but I’m embracing the heat and all that comes with it. I love to spend time outdoors with my husband, Josh, our six children, and a growing assortment of pets. But also? I love hanging out at home with a great movie or a favorite book and eating delicious food that, when I’m lucky, I didn’t have to prepare myself.

Ages ago, I studied English at Brigham Young University. I’m a full time editor that specializes in romance, editing through Midnight Owl Editors. I’ve published nine novels, four with publisher, Covenant Communications, and five through Four Petal Press, an indie imprint that is giving me a level of creative control that I’m loving. I’m leaning into Romantic Comedy with these last few books, and I’m having a fantastic time doing it. Love at First Note (Covenant 2016), my first romcom, was the 2016 Whitney Award Winner in the Contemporary Romance category.