Coming Soon: Mountains Between Us


Have I told you anything about my next book?

It’s probably time to do so. We’re still a ways out from my release date, but I’m feeling excited about this book today, so let’s talk about it, shall we?

Mountains Between Us

Okay, so I really love this book. It’s another Rose Creek novel in that it’s set in the same town and has a few overlapping characters as The House at Rose Creek, but it’s a still a stand alone novel with all new protagonists. The backdrop for the story is a Rehabilitative Boarding School called Rockbridge Academy nestled deep in the Appalachian Mountains. (those pictured right  up there. Beautiful, right? I love living here. If you’ve never visited Western North Carolina, you should make it your next vacation destination. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed. If you come, call me. We’ll have lunch.)

We were talking about the book, yes?

Here’s the cast of important characters:

Henry: A recently divorced father and English teacher struggling to find his place at a school that challenges his abilities as a teacher and forces him far outside his comfort zone.

Eliza: A licensed clinical counselor that joins the Rockbridge Staff and changes everything for more than one person. (Hint? Henry’s totally one of them.)

Flip: The handsome, outdoorsy wilderness team leader at Rockbridge that falls in love with Eliza and saves the day more than once. (His name is actually Frederick, but everyone calls him Flip.) And did I mention? He was born in Ireland so listening to him talk is a lovely, lovely thing.

There are others… students and directors, fellow counselors and teachers, estranged parents, siblings, and ex-in-laws. There is misunderstanding and fear and forgiveness and love. This book is a romance–more than The House at Rose Creek, for sure. But it’s also a book about finding peace when it’s been missing for a really long time. It’s about family. It’s about overcoming personal challenges. But there IS kissing. So, you know, romance. That scares some people. So consider yourself WARNED.

I’m so very excited to share this book with all of you. The next few months will be fun. Release date is early September so before too long I’ll have a cover to show you. Fun, right?

Thanks for coming along on this journey, guys. I don’t say that often enough. It’s a dream come true to be writing these kinds of bookish posts. And it’s only possible because of lovely friends, fans and readers that, well, READ.

Know what I think?  I think you should go buy a book today. (I bought six this morning. Heh. That will be fun to work into the budget. Interested in what I bought? If you ask in the comments, I’ll totally tell you!)

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Mountains Between Us

  1. Emily C. says:

    Ok, since I’m always adding to my Amazon and Goodreads lists, what did you buy and which one are you most excited about? We buy lots of new and used books but when we run out of space I don’t know if we should get another bookcase or edit out less favorites.

    • jennyproctor says:

      Emily, we do a lot of used books too. Today I bought several from, which has really great prices on close out books. They don’t have everything, but I bought several brand new titles for less than $5. They also have “scratch and dent” copies that are heavily discounted.

      This is what I bought today:

      The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells, by Andrew Sean Greer. Greer is one of my favorites. I said on Facebook today he could summarize the phone book and I’d want to read it. I’ve read his other titles so I’m anxious to try this one, his most recent.

      Day After Night, by Anita Diamant. I don’t know anything about this book, but I loved Diamant’s The Red Tent, so I’m willing to give it a try.

      The Pianist, by Vladysaw Szpilman. This is a memoir, World War II book and has always been one of my favorites. I don’t own a copy, and decided it was time. I like to own my favorites so they can sit on my shelf and I can notice and feel happy that they’re there.

      Austenland, by Shannon Hale. I just saw the movie, and loved it. This will be my first Shannon Hale, but if the book is as good as the movie, I don’t think I can go wrong.

      And the Mountains Echoed, by Khalid Hosseini. I loved The Kite Runner, and A Thousand Splendid Suns, so I’m really excited about this one.

      And finally, The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas. I’ve seen the movie, but was recently told it is very different from the book which means, I have to read the book to find out why.

      • Emily C. says:

        Thanks, Jenny. is new to me as are several of the books you purchase so I’ll off to check them out.

        The Count of Monte Cristo. Yes! The book is much better. While the movie is entertaining, there’s so much missing/changed. Happy reading!

        And I’m excited for Mountains Between Us. I recently read and enjoyed The House at Rose Creek as I’m working my way through Whitney finalists. Good luck!

  2. Kelly B. says:

    I can’t wait for your next book! I’ve never had the chance to tell you all the things I loved about the first one! One day we will get together for uninterrupted catching up and I’ll tell you! Of course we might be 60 before that happens and I’ll have to read it again to remind myself!

  3. Laree Ipson says:

    I’m super excited to read your next book. I liked House at Rose Creek, and I’m sure this one will be fab too!

    And you will LOVE Austenland. I like it more than the movie (actually I think it makes the movie make more sense!). I think I might like the sequel even more (which is Midnight in Austenland)

    Thanks for the book site too. I haven’t tried that one, but I frequently buy from Most of their older books are around .99, so with shipping I rarely pay more than $4!

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