Chewy Oatmeal Cookies

Today? It’s been a day. Not a bad day, just a “good grief am I ever going to get to sit down” kind of day. I AM sitting, finally. At 9:15 PM. And you know what I want? I want a cookie. I don’t have any, which makes me sad, but I do have a recipe that makes me so very happy, I might actually find the motivation to make cookies, right now this second. Even though I JUST sat down, and making cookies would require me to stand back up.

Cookies? stay sitting down? Cookies? Stay sitting down?

Oh, the decisions of life…

While I sit here and hem and haw over whether or not I want to get back up onto my poor aching feet, why don’t you make some cookies? Not just any cookies, though. You want to make Chewy Oatmeal Cookies. Trust me. You do.

chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with peanut butter chips(photo found here cause to use one of my own would require me to stand up. And ya’ll know how I feel about that right now.)

 I love this basic Oatmeal cookie because it is so easily adapted. You can make them as is and they are fantastic. You can make them with cinnamon and raisins. You can make them with chocolate chips. You can add caramel bits and sprinkle them with sea salt, or throw in a handful of coconut and some dried cranberries. Any way you make em, they’re awesome. (Use your best judgment though. Henry might suggest ketchup on his cookie, which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be awesome. So don’t actually make them ANY way, know what I’m sayin?)

Time for the recipe, yes?

 Chewy Oatmeal Cookies

1 cup butter

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup white sugar

2 eggs

1 tsp. vanilla

2 cups rolled oats

1 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. salt

2 cups flour

 Cream together (softened but not melted) butter and sugars. Add eggs and vanilla. In a separate bowl, mix dry ingredients, except oats. Add gradually to creamed mixture, then add oats. (And anything else that makes you happy.) Bake at 350 degrees for 6-8 minutes until lightly brown.

 This is truly one of my favorite, favorite cookie recipes, and is the one I grab most frequently when I want a cookie fix. So, make them. Today. Right now. For breakfast, for dinner, whatever. Life is better with cookies.

The end.

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