The Cultural Hall Podcast – Episode 111, An Interview with Yours Truly

So back in October I did a podcast interview with Richie T, the host of The Cultural Hall podcast.  It was so fun to talk to Richie… he’s an entertaining guy and I thoroughly enjoyed our talk, even though he’s absolutely convinced I should try for a seventh baby. (Which you know, isn’t even medically possible at this point, so yeah. Not gonna happen.) It was a fun interview and I hope you’ll listen. I talk about The House at Rose Creek, and about being a Mom and a writer at the same time, and also talk about being a Mormon in the south. Fun stuff.

In general, I highly recommend The Cultural Hall Podcast for anyone interested in keeping up with Mormons in the news, or likes learning about things that are of any particular significance to the LDS Faith.

Just click on the picture, and it will take you over to the interview. Enjoy!


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