FAQ: Why the LDS before Author?

So, funny story… one of the most frequently asked questions I got on my last blog was, and I’m not kidding, “Is Clay Aiken Mormon?”

I was asked so frequently, I finally wrote a post answering the question (he’s not) hoping this would keep the inquisitive emails at bay. I can only figure that because I’m a Mormon, and there was a season of my life when I really, really LOVED Clay Aiken (Don’t judge. The guy can really sing.) people decided I MUST know the answer. Which, I guess I sort of DID know the answer. But still. It was weird.

This, however, is not such a weird question.

Why do I call myself an LDS Author?

First, LDS stands for Latter-day Saint, the last three words to the extremely long title of my church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We’re also (and more frequently) known as Mormons. I identify my faith when I identify myself as an author because for right now, my books include elements of my faith, and my publisher publishes content that adheres to the standards and principles of my faith. That doesn’t mean everything is exclusively “Mormon.” While my books certainly contain Mormon characters, I still believe (and hope) they can be enjoyed by people of any faith. The guarantee that comes with reading LDS fiction is that you will never stumble into content that is inappropriate or offensive. No sex, no smut, no swear words. (It’s true. I always stick one into my manuscripts just to see if I can sneak one through, but my editor’s good. She catches them every time.)

It seems like it’s getting increasingly harder to find fiction that doesn’t contain superfluous and unnecessary filth. I’m proud to be part of a genre that guarantees a good clean read, something you don’t have to hide under a pillow if your kid walks up and says, “Hey Mom, what are you reading?”

3 thoughts on “FAQ: Why the LDS before Author?

  1. authordragonfly says:

    Wished more authors weren’t afraid to stand up and say what they believe in. Good going, Jenny!

  2. Sarah says:

    THAT is why I read LDS fiction. Because someday I don’t want to have to explain to my daughter why this book is ok for Mommy, but not for her… and then feel like an idiot. 🙂 So THANK you for helping to bring less smut to our world.

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