An “Out in the Wild” Photo Contest

So here’s the deal. I’m way out here in North Carolina where the closest LDS Bookstore is almost 5 hours away. I would LOVE to see a picture of my first born book out in the wild; in a bookstore, in your house, in the hands of someone reading it in the park. . .

SO… for the next four weeks, I’m hosting a little contest over on my Facebook Author Page. At the end of July, I’ll pick a one randomly selected winner from all the entries to receive a $40 Amazon E-gift Certificate and a signed copy of The House at Rose Creek.

FIRST, take a picture of The House at Rose Creek somewhere out in the wild. (Anywhere, really. Unless you’re in my living room. Then that totally doesn’t count.)

THEN, post that picture on my Facebook Author Page, which is a public page that you should absolutely “Like” if you haven’t already done so. You can find the page by searching for Jenny Proctor, Author, or by clicking on this Link:

Jenny’s Facebook Author Page

FINALLY, go and click on the little tab on my author page that says GIVEAWAY, and record your entries. They won’t count if you don’t record them; even if they did count,  I wouldn’t have a way to contact you (cause Facebook says I can’t use Facebook to say, Yo. You win the prize!).  SO, this is a very important step!

Here’s the link to the contest widget on my Facebook page:

Out in the Wild Photo Contest Widget on Jenny Proctor, Author’s Facebook Page

(Also worth noting… there are several easy entries open to anyone, no photo required, so don’t miss out on those!)

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