Summer Book Trek 2013

Do you like to read LDS Fiction? How about fiction that just happens to be written by an LDS Author? Summer Book Trek is a great way to read loads of books by LDS Authors AND rack up points that you can use to WIN PRIZES. Who doesn’t love to win prizes? (Especially when one of those prizes might just be a FREE copy of my new novel, The House at Rose Creek?)

It’s pretty simple. You create a reading list of books you’d like to read in the month of July. You sign up for the book trek, link to your reading list, READ, then record your progress on the Book Trek’s main page. You can get a much more thorough explanation by clicking the link below. It will also take you to the sign up page if you want to participate.


I’m definitely signing up, but I’m going to keep my goals small. Because, I kind of have a lot going on in July, ya know? (Do you think I get points for reading my own book?) So here’s my reading list:

The Orchard, by Krista Lynne Jensen

Edenbrooke, by Julianne Donaldson

The Rent Collector, by Camron Wright

Royal Target, by Traci Abramson

Penumbras, by Braden Bell

Okay, so if feels a little lame that my list stops there, but seriously people, July is book launch month! I may not even manage to read one book, much less five!  So I’m keeping it real. What say you? Want to play? Click on through the link right up there, and sign up!

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