To Heaven and Back – A book review

ImageThe concept of this book intrigued me from the very beginning. I’ve never doubted the existence of God, or of life after death, but since I haven’t exactly been through it myself, I was curious to read about the personal experiences of someone who had.

In her book, To Heaven and Back, Dr. Mary C. Neal shares a very detailed, very personal account of what happened when she drowned during a white water rafting accident, went to heaven, and then realized it wasn’t her time and she would be returning to her mortal body to complete her mission here on earth.

What a remarkable story. It was uplifting, compelling, and incredibly interesting. Time and time again, it validated my own feelings about God’s awareness of who we are, and what we are doing. It bore witness to his involvement in our lives, and expressed incredible joy in the realization that this life isn’t all there is. There is more. There is so much more to look forward to.

When asked about how her faith changed after her accident, Dr. Neal said the following:

With my near-death-experience, the truth of God’s promises and the reality of eternal life became a part of my every breath. I am in constant prayer and regardless of what I am doing, I try to reflect God’s love and live for His glory. I try not to miss opportunities to uplift or encourage the spiritual life of others, and I live with gratitude and joy, knowing that I never face challenges alone.

Pretty awesome, huh?

2 thoughts on “To Heaven and Back – A book review

  1. Cindy says:

    I LOVED this book! I read it sometime in the last year and found her experience and faith absolutely fascinating!

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