Welcome to the New Blog

Welcome! I really like it here, and hope that you will too. There’s not quite as much going on, and that was intentional. Simple means more time to focus on my books. With so little free time in my life, I want to make every word I write one that matters. I’ve pulled over my favorite posts from Mommy Snark and included them here. You can find them by clicking on the tabs up above, Motherhood, Faith, etc…

If you’d like to follow the blog, you have a few different options.

Email updates: There is a tab in the sidebar to subscribe to email updates. Every time I post, (rarely more than once a week) you’ll get an update in your email inbox.

Like me on Facebook: If you like my author page on Facebook (you can do this from the sidebar as well), I’ll be posting links over there whenever I update the blog.

Via Feed Readers: If you use a feed reader, such as Google Reader, you can click on the little button over in the sidebar that says “Subscribe to my Feed.”

Simple enough? I do hope you’ll stick with me. Many of my readers I’ve known from Mommy Snark’s beginning. I’d hate to lose you over internet technicalities, so please do one of the things listed up above.

Also, I have a new webpage up too, in preparation for the book release this summer. There isn’t much info over there yet, but Google won’t acknowledge that it exists until it gets a little bit of link love and traffic. On your way out, will you click on the HOME button on the top right of the blog and help show Google that I exist? Thank you ever so much.

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