Book Year is HERE!

I just got an email from my editor letting me know she was getting ready to start work on my manuscript and wanted to make sure she had the most updated version. The date on the most updated version? August, 2011. It made me laugh to think about how long ago that seems. It was March of 2011 when I got the most fabulous email ever that let me know my  manuscript was being picked up for publication. I’ll never forgot running out onto the back deck to yell the news to my kids who were in the backyard playing. They still make fun of the dance I did. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but they tell me it involved lots and lots of jumping.

When my publisher told me they anticipated a 2013 release, it seemed so very far away, but all of a sudden, here we are. I guess it helps that I tried to keep myself busy. (Have a baby, anyone?) I’m also 3/4’s of the way through novel # 2 and feel fairly certain I’ll have it to my publisher before novel #1 is released. (I’ll be honest though… writing with six kids? Way harder than writing with 4. It’s almost shameful how much longer this one has taken when compared to the paltry nine months I took to churn out the first one.)

So 2013 is here and I’m gearing myself up for all that goes into the release of a novel. I’m so very excited! If you’d like to keep up to date with the progress of the book, and you frequent Facebook, will you click over and like my author page? I’ll share blog updates, as well as news, cover art, and anything else book/writing related.

Here’s the link:

My Author Page on Facebook

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